ProteusDS 2015

DSA is excited to announce that it has released a new version of ProteusDS. ProteusDS 2015 has many exciting new features, including:

  • Simulation pre-visualization
  • Improved input file editing through automatic resolution of follower properties
  • V-roller support for pipelay simulations
  • 2.5D and 3D spatially/temporally varying currents
  • Constant tension winch DObject
  • New control modes and power takeoff for tidal turbine feature (constant TSR, power extraction and angular velocity)
  • DCableDCableEndConnection to allow users ability to connect one end of a cable to another
  • Improvements to RAODatabase class
  • Additional mooring design output data when fairlead and anchors are specified (i.e. output of uplift, grounded line, reaction loads)
  • File i/o improvements to increase execution speed
  • .. and much more

The main focus of the ProteusDS 2015 release was the addition of the pre-visualization capabilities within PST. This feature greatly enhances users’ abilities to ensure precise connection and placement of DObjects and their associated features. For more information on ProteusDS, visit ProteusDS web page or email info@dsa-ltd.ca.