Too much tension in your mooring line?

Keeping tension in check: know your limits

This past week we received two custom Tensiometers from Sensy, a Belgian company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of a wide array of load sensors and instrumentation. Each tensiometer weighs approximately 84 pounds and has the ability to accurately measure cable tensions up to 450 kN.

two custom Tensiometers

Two custom Tensiometers from Sensy,

The tensiometers are destined for a client as a part of our Subsea tension logger kit. DSA has designed the Subsea tension logger to measure and record tension in mooring lines. The system is submersible up to 50m and can be easily installed directly onto a mooring line by divers. Mooring lines are not required to be disconnected for installation, allowing the user to continue operations without a hitch.

Sub-sea tension logger deployed on a mooring line

Sub-sea tension logger deployed on a mooring line

The STL system is used to measure line tensions for a variety of mooring applications:

  • Offshore platforms
  • Ships and towlines
  • Aquaculture
  • Umbilical loading
  • Oceanographic or navigation
  • Marine renewable energy platforms

With such a diverse set of applications and the ability to be deployed on virtually any type of mooring line, our STL’s have a long list of benefits:

  • Does not require disconnection of the mooring line to install
  • Can be calibrated for different line sizes
  • Configurable data acquisition
  • Can be custom built for any application
  • Easy installation by divers
  • Easy data retrieval
A sub-sea tension logger after recovery by a diver.

A subsea tension logger after recovery

To learn more about this system or if you’re interested in recording the tension in mooring lines, visit our website here.