Release alert: ProteusDS v2.29.0 is now available


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v2.29.0 is now available 




Our developers have been working hard behind the scenes putting the finishing touches to the next release of ProteusDS.

This release contains some exciting new features, changes, and resolves a number of known issues. Several new tutorials have been added on simulating: moving (hopping, sliding) anchors, breakwater spread mooring and nonlinear axial rigidity in lines

Active subscribers login credentials will allow you to access ProteusDS v2.29.0 from our website.

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  • Added automatic adaptive meshing at waterline for mesh-based hydrodynamics
  • Added nonlinear axial rigidity model for cables and SCables
  • Made enhancements to the RigidBodyTurbine feature, including improvements in properties (note these changes are not backward compatible)
  • Added performance enhancements for cables in pretension mode
  • Added optional splitting of CDt into CDtx, CDty, CDtz for mesh-based hydrodynamic features: CustomMesh, Cuboid, Spheroid, and Cylinder


  • Added linear and quadratic damping feature for cables with support for absolute and relative fluid velocities
  • Added many new output files — primarily for RigidBody DObjects
  • Added an assistant to ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox which rapidly allows users to set-up taut multi-leg spread moorings with defined elongation
  • Built-in custom solver support

Resolved issues:

  • Significantly reduced the memory footprint of simulations that contain spatially varying current profiles
  • Addressed several issues pertaining to ‘Auto-resolve’ functionality
  • Added error-checking when exporting videos with extremely low frame rates