Who is DSA?

Current, Wind, and Waves are our Business

At Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. we come to work every day because we love solving ocean engineering problems.We love answering the question:

How will my “ ___________ ” respond to current, wind and waves?

Our clients ask us this question in a variety of questions:

  • How will my towed body respond at different tow speeds and depths?
  • How will my mooring respond to wind and waves?
  • How will my ship behave in a seaway?
  • How will should I tow this barge?
  • How will the pipeline be loaded during install?
  • How much energy can my WEC extract from the waves?
  • Will my tidal platform be stable in current and waves?

That love of efficient problem solving is the basis of how DSA came to be.

In the spring of 2006 graduate Mechanical Engineering students at the University of Victoria, Dean Steinke and Ryan Nicoll were toiling away in the Subsea Robotics laboratory – and the ProteusDS simulation software was born. That summer, Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. was founded with the mission to bring dynamic analysis to the masses through consulting and numerical modelling software

A core component of the ProteusDS dynamic analysis software package  was the advanced finite-element cable model developed by Dr. Brad Buckham, an associate professor at the University of Victoria. This close relationship with academics continues today at DSA with ProteusDS being used in many academic environments around the globe, from seakeeping courses to advanced wave and tidal energy research programs

Over the past decade ProteusDS has developed into a full featured hydrodynamic, mechanical and marine dynamic analysis software package. This customizable, validated, and efficient software is the heart of our business.

DSA has been propelled forward by providing numerical modelling consulting services across a wide variety of ocean sectors. Our small team of industry experts allows us to develop a close working relationship with our colleagues and our clients. We aspire for a place, where work, life and inspiration are all equal and integrated in our products and services. This is the basis of how we approach every work day ensuring our continued excitement for every project we work on.

Today, DSA has grown to 8 employees, with offices on the east and west coasts of Canada. We work with companies all over the world in a wide range of marine industries such as:

  • offshore oil and gas (moorings, pipelines, floating structures)
  • oceanography (towed bodies, buoys, and moorings)
  • aquaculture (net cage analysis, moorings)
  • naval architecture (seakeeping, towing)
  • ocean engineering (boom design, installation analysis, marine operations)
  • renewable energy (wave and tidal energy, installation in tidal environments)
  • subsea (ROV simulation, AUV/UUV hydrodyamics)
  • defence and R&D (launch and recovery, towed arrays, submarines)

We’ve carefully built a top-notch team that our clients are excited to work with. Because we only choose people with skills that complement and enhance those of our existing team members, our clients know that their projects are in expert hands.

Interested in DSA’s ocean engineering numerical modelling expertise? A quick phone call or email to info@dsa-ltd.ca to see if ProteusDS is the right solution for you is a great place to start. For more information on our products and services check out the downloads below.

About DSA brochure (PDF)

Download DSA’s mooring analysis and design brochure (PDF)

Download DSA’s real-time riser and pipeline FEA information brochure (PDF)

Download DSA’s tidal energy information brochure (PDF)

Download DSA’s wave energy information brochure (PDF)

Download DSA’s aquaculture engineering information brochure (PDF)

Download the launch and recovery simulation services brochure (PDF)