Vision and Mission



DSA provides progressive and accessible dynamic analysis software and expertise to enable those working with vessels, structures, lines and technologies in harsh marine environments to reduce risk.



DSA makes it possible for ocean engineers, naval architects, oceanographers – or anybody with business in the water – to assess the motions and loads on vessels, structures, lines, and technologies in marine environments. Our ability to customize quickly and expertly respond to the unique challenges of each client and user in an open and friendly manner is our greatest strength. We constantly seek to improve and to extract maximum impact for every software feature we develop and analyses we conduct.



  • Leadership (advancement) (expertise) – commitment to shaping innovative marine technologies.
  • Respect for People (work, life balance) – be a respectful, supportive and flexible work environment designed to inspire creativity.
  • Profit (maximizing revenue) – developing clients for life through innovation and continuous improvement of our products.
  • Collaboration (connectivity) (communications) – become a trusted partner, solution provider and strategic business advisor within the marine communities.