Engineering Services

For questions regarding DSA’s services please contact, or phone the office closest you:

Numerical modelling of marine structures

  • Design of marine structures and mooring systems
  • Design optimization

Tidal and wave energy converter analysis

  • System and mechanical design
  • Dynamics and controller design
  • Mooring analysis
  • Wave farm analysis
  • Tidal energy converter installation analysis
  • Safety and operations assessments
  • Hydrodynamic modeling

Aquaculture engineering

  • Mooring assessment and design
  • Mooring load measurement and analysis
  • Net simulation and prediction
  • Shellfish raft mechanical design

Mooring analysis

  • Mooring design and analysis services
  • Time-domain simulation
  • Wave and tidal energy converter mooring assessment
  • Fatigue analysis

Ship crane and winch analysis

  • Analysis of winch performance
  • Analysis of operability of cranes and winches at sea
  • Heave compensation and constant tension winch analysis

Salvage support

  • Operations simulation and analysis
  • Rendered 3D visualization

Regulatory assessment

  • Compliance with international codes (DNV, ABS, API)

Pipeline and riser analysis

  • FEA analysis of pipeline systems
  • FEA analysis of riser system
  • Model based filtering and control

Robotic systems analysis

  • Model based filtering and control
  • ROV and towed body PID controller design
  • ROV navigation algorithm design


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