Aquaculture engineering

DSA works cooperatively with finfish and shellfish industries, with both large and small producers, to solve a variety of engineering challenges. DSA uses ProteusDS, an aquaculture engineering software tool, to assess the loads and motions of aquaculture sites. DSA’s software and expertise can assist producers and site managers to design rigging configurations that will keep their assets safe from predators, storm surges, cyclones, hurricanes, corrosion, and other risks. Engineering of mariculture or aquaculture sites in exposed and offshore environments is becoming increasingly important, and DSA and ProteusDS have the capabilities to meet this need. Please contact DSA at for more information.

Download DSA’s aquaculture engineering information brochure

DSA’s offerings include:

  • mooring analysis
  • mooring measurement
  • motion measurement
  • finite-element net modeling
  • platform design
  • mechanical design
  • anchoring assessment

Screen shot of ProteusDS software simulating net deflections

Sample project

Vancouver Island University (VIU) in conjunction with the BC Shellfish Growers Association (BCSGA) identified the need for an improved shellfish raft design stemming from high raft attrition during extreme storm events along the coast of BC. DSA synthesized several raft designs with ProteusDS that consist of different beam and material configurations. Using ProteusDS, material properties and key dimensions were easily changed to investigate the resulting structural loads in different storm conditions. The end result was that many raft designs were tested virtually allowing the elimination of many invalid raft designs. This drastically reduced the number of physical prototypes required bringing a successful design to market faster and at lower cost than would otherwise be possible.

Visualization of DSA’s shellfish raft design for BC shellfish farmers

Subsea view of shellfish raft mooring

Shellfish raft deployed