Marine motion measurement

DSA’s turn-key vessel and marine platform motion measurement, data logging, and post-processing solution


 Why measure motion?


Knowing the motion and global position of vessels and marine platforms is important for design verification, integrity assurance, R&D and more. DSA’s Marine Motion Measurement System called the M3S has been designed to make it easy to log accelerations, velocities, heading, attitude, and positions of:

  • Ships
  • Wave energy converters (WEC)
  • Tidal energy platforms
  • Offshore platforms
  • Barges
  • Docks / breakwaters
  • Drill ships


Tidal platforms

Tidal platforms


 Turn Key

Working with your organization, DSA will configure and install the M3S hardware on your marine platform to measure and log motion data. DSA will configure the system to collect data for the desired length of time, statistically summarize the collected data, and then deliver the raw data to your company via download or digital storage media.


DSA can supply standard systems from our pool of field-proven equipment; alternatively we also can develop customized solutions using sensors, and instrumentation to suit unique individual project requirements.

Tailored Reporting

In addition to the configuration and installation of the M3S, DSA will collate and analyze the recorded data. The content of each report is tailored to your company’s requirements. This means your company spends more time assessing the data and making decisions that help your business, and less time downloading, processing, and validating the collected data.


DSA specializes in the analysis of marine platform motion – whether the data is from numerical modeling or physical systems. This is essential information for the marine, offshore and subsea industries, and can be expertly assessed by DSA.

Each solution can be tailored to ensure all required data is of high quality and cost-effective. Equipment is fully configured and tested prior to delivery ensuring fast, efficient, and correct installation and commissioning on site.

Typical Applications

DSA’s range of marine motion measurement services provides essential information for a variety of purposes;

  • Ship/boat passenger comfort assessment
  • Numerical model validation
  • Operations analysis
  • Operability assessment


Drill ships and offshore platforms

Drill ships and offshore platforms


The M3S is capable of collecting a wide variety of data including:

  • Time (s)
  • Latitude / Longitude (deg)
  • True heading (deg)
  • Height (m)
  • Pitch / Roll (deg)
  • Velocity north / east / down (m/s)
  • Body acceleration X /Y / Z (m/s^2)
  • Angular velocity X / Y / Z (rad/s)
  • G Force (g)


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