Mooring analysis

DSA has extensive project experience in the analysis and design of moorings and cabled systems for the marine, offshore and subsea industries. Using ProteusDS and ShipMo3D, DSA performs time-domain analysis of mooring arrangements taking into account current, wave and wind loading.

The ProteusDS mooring analysis software package contains a variety of advanced features and models enabling analysis of very complex mooring systems. DSA has experience applying methods set out in API, DNV and ISO standards, and has built ProteusDS according to the requirements of these standards.

DSA provides numerical modelling services related to cabled or moored systems to marine engineering and naval architecture firms. By relying on DSA’s mooring analysis expertise these firms are able to provide economical and reliable moorings to their clients while minimizing their project risk.

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DSA performs detailed static and dynamic mooring analysis and design for many applications:

  • Single leg moorings for metocean, oceanography, science and R&D applications
  • Wave energy device moorings
  • Tidal energy device moorings
  • Analysis of fish farm moorings (open net cage aquaculture)
  • Analysis of shell fish farms (raft and long line)
  • Multi-leg moorings for oil and gas applications
  • Moorings for navigation aid buoys
  • In-shore barge moorings
  • Vessel moorings
  • Buoy engineering
  • Station keeping systems
  • Cabled ferries
  • Floating breakwaters

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ProteusDS Mooring Analysis Simulation Engineering

ProteusDS mooring analysis

ProteusDS Mooring Analysis

ProteusDS mooring analysis – real-time rendered view

SyncWave Mooring

Wave energy converter mooring design