Interactive riser and pipeline simulation

DSA has partnered with GRI Simulations, Inc. (GRI), a leading provider of interactive subsea systems software, to bring the power of ProteusDS® to GRI’s VROV® simulator. The ProteusDS physics engine is being used to power finite-element riser and pipeline models within GRI’s ROV pilot training software. The coupling of the software packages allows engineers to view operation critical information, such as minimum bending radius or maximum stresses, in real-time during ROV pilot training. In addition, the VROV desktop simulator, with the ProteusDS finite-element plug-in, can be used by a project’s engineering team to test the effect of ROV operations on equipment in different sea conditions. The software reduces the risk of operations by allowing the project team to test their plans before anything goes in the ocean.

ProteusDS VROV - ROV simulator with integrated pipeline finite-element analysis

GRI Simulation’s VROV simulator with integrated ProteusDS pipeline finite-element analysis

Download DSA’s real-time riser and pipeline FEA information brochure