Wave energy

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Why DSA for wave energy?
Resolute Marine Energy WECDSA has experienced personnel who work with wave energy converter (WEC) developers to optimize and dimension their technology for reliability, efficiency, and power capture. DSA works cooperatively with its clients to improve designs and reduce physical prototyping expenditures using its simulation software ProteusDS. DSA economically completes projects that are guided by extensive experience in the field. DSA has developed and validated its own simulation code over the last 10 years, which keeps costs low and allows for maximum customization.

Key ProteusDS software features for wave energy applications:

  • Finite-element mooring line model
  • Multi-body hydrodynamics
  • Articulated body algorithm for efficient joint simulation (e.g. revolute, prismatic, spherical)
  • Multi-component mooring lines (e.g. chain with wire rope, synthetic rope with nylon stretcher)
  • Custom bathymetry with mooring and seabed contact effects
  • 3D pre and post processing visualization
  • Nonlinear joint loading (e.g. endstops, friction)
  • Nonlinear buoyancy and Froude-Krylov / wave excitation effects
  • Nonlinear combined wind, wave, and current loading based on discretized mesh
  • Wave radiation/diffraction effects via database from WAMIT/ShipMo3D or similar BEM hydrodynamic software
  • PTO model and custom control with Matlab via DLL
  • Power umbilical modeling
  • Wind loadingsurf_power1
  • Integrated documentation and professional support

WEC mooring analysis
Mooring WECs is a uinque challenge. ProteusDS is a validated time-domain mooring analysis tool with a fully validated finite-element mooring line model. DSA has experience in designing moorings for wave energy applications using ProteusDS. Common problems such as assessing mooring line loads, anchor requirements, umbilical bend radius, and mooring watch circle can be completed with ProteusDS.

ServicesWEC Mooring
DSA works with early stage WEC developers and wave energy test centers such as the West Coast Wave Initative (WCWI) to accelerate proof of concept and prototype WEC modeling. DSA provides confidential analysis services and responds rapidly to its clients requests.

Software customization for novel technologies
DSA has structured the ProteusDS software to be rapidly customizable. This allows DSA to add custom features that may be required to modelUVic novel WECs. DSA runs validation routines nightly for software quality assurance.

Region specific wave modeling
DSA can work with developers to simulate their devices in a particular region using local wave climate data.

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