ProteusDS ocean engineering numerical analysis software


ProteusDS is multi-body time-domain simulation package that enables numerical analysis of marine, offshore and subsea structures and technologies. It is used by defence specialists, naval architects, marine engineers, ocean engineers, subsea/offshore engineers, riser and pipeline specialists, marine operators, metocean mooring designers and others to analyse the dynamics of ocean technology systems. ProteusDS is continuously validated and has been designed with the needs of the specialist in mind. read more..

ShipMo3D - seakeeping and hydrodynamic analysis software


ShipMo3D can be used to perform time and frequency domain simulations of freely maneuvring ships in multiple sea states. It contains an array of features and models to enable analysis, design and system optimization. ShipMo3D may be used to construct hull geometry using hull lines, mesh or panel the hull for numerical solution, solve radiation/diffraction potential flow problems, model the effect of appendages (such as bilge keels, propellers, etc.), and simulate the structure’s overall response in either the frequency or time domains. ShipMo3D features an easy to use advanced graphical user interface that enables a streamlined workflow. read more..

Rhino3D for marine applications


Rhinoceros (Rhino) is an advanced software package used to create 3D models for engineering, drafting (CAD), analysis, manufacturing, rendering and animation. Rhino is used to edit existing models or create new ones. Its great a converting a wide variety of 3D file formats to ones readable by your preferred 3D modelling or CAD package. Rhino uses NURBS curves, surfaces and solids to efficiently create models with no limit on model complexity. Rhino supports editing and creation of polygon meshes and point clouds. DSA is an official reseller of Rhino3D. Rhino3D can be used with ProteusDS to create visual models and hydrodynamic meshes for analysis, either by converting existing CAD files or creating new geometry. read more..