ProteusDS Description

Dynamic analysis software

ProteusDS is a dynamic analysis software package that is used for marine, offshore, and subsea applications. The software is used by ocean engineers and other ocean industry professionals to test virtual prototypes of systems that are exposed to extreme wind, current and waves – which reduces risk and enables system optimization.

ProteusDS technical data sheet

ProteusDS enables engineering and operational analysis of moorings, risers, pipelines, fish farms, towed bodies, wave energy converters, and many other applications. ProteusDS makes use of advanced hydrodynamic and finite-element models to achieve accurate results.

ProteusDS is employed by naval architects, marine engineers, offshore engineers, oceanographers and many other users.

Key Features

  • Flexible software licensing (no dongles)
  • Low learning curve
  • Completely functional demo available
  • Robust and validated cubic finite-element cable model for modelling high curvatures with small number of elements
  • Fully 3D, non-linear, time domain analysis
  • Fully coupled tension/compression, bending, and torsion for lines
  • Advanced mechanism models with nonlinear constraints like endstops (revolute, prismatic, spherical, universal joint types)
  • Finite element net model for protective net and aquaculture analysis
  • Fully coupled vessel/line analysis
  • Supports hydrodynamic database import from WAMIT/ShipMo3D/NEMOH
  • Very flexible hydrodynamic modelling options for rigid bodies and vessels near surface or deeply submerged
  • Easy yet powerful dynamic analysis of single leg moorings (shackles, buoys, anchors)
  • Flat or 3D bathymetry (seabed surface)
  • Linear elastic or non-linear hysteretic soil model
  • Batch simulation processing tools
  • Advanced graphical user interface with pre-visualization
  • Model library for most key simulation elements (line types, hydrodynamics)
  • Automated simulation summary reporting (html and Excel via import)
  • Contact and clearance analyses
  • Spatially varying current model for modelling tidal channels and turbulence
  • Advaned wind, wave and current models
  • Advanced API to allow for system integration
  • Parallel processing to take advantage of multi-core and multi-processor hardware.
  • Easy simulation restart capability
  • ASCII input files with fully automated UI with built-in documentation
  • ASCII output for easy loading and plotting in Matlab or Excel
  • Output data probes for cable, rigid body and other objects, for on demand file output
  • Extensive tutorials on key software components
  • Readily customized for a users specific problem
  • Advanced technical support in the Americas’ time zones

ProteusDS has been developed by DSA and is the result of many years of research and practical application in the marine, offshore, subsea and inshore industries. ProteusDS has been designed to be rapidly customizable and expandable to allow assessment of novel applications. The DSA software development team has designed the underlying software and documentation framework to keep up with the rapid pace of development required by DSA’s users.

ProteusDS is constantly being tested for accurate results. The software is tested daily against a database of theoretical and empirical data to ensure each new feature is validated and doesn’t interfere with legacy features.

Please contact either of the DSA offices or email for more information.

Download the ProteusDS Professional Edition brochure