Licensing options

There are two primary versions of ProteusDS: the professional edition and the light edition.

Professional edition

The professional edition of ProteusDS has access to all models and features. The license is provided as an annual subscription.

Light edition

The light edition licence allows users to design and test single leg sub-surface or surface moorings using the ProteusDS dynamic solver. The moorings may be tested in a range of wave and current conditions to ensure system performance. ProteusDS makes use of the same interface and solution engine as the professional version of ProteusDS but at a reduced cost. Only the features of ProteusDS required to design simple oceanographic-type single leg moorings are enabled in this version. The license is provided as an annual subscription..

Student and academic users

Licences of ProteusDS are available to students and universities and colleges for use on non-commercial research projects and instructional purposes. Interested applicants should visit and complete forms on the ProteusDS academic license reqest page. DSA will follow up with further information about the terms of the academic licence. Licensing terms vary depending on instructional or research usage.