ProteusDS 2015 Change Log

August 11, 2016 (v2.29.1)

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed an issue in the new taut multi-leg mooring assistant that was causing some input to be erroneously flagged as invalid


August 10, 2016 (v2.29.0)


  • Added adaptive meshing at waterline for mesh-based hydrodynamics
  • Added polynomial axial rigidity model for cables
  • Added tension deadband for cable pretension mode
  • Added optional splitting of CDt in CDtx, CDty, CDtz for mesh-based hydrodynamic features: CustomMesh, Cuboid, Spheroid, and Cylinder
  • Added linear and quadratic damping features for cables with support for absolute and relative fluid velocities
  • Added many new output files — primarily for RigidBody DObjects


  • A number of properties have been renamed for improved clarity. However, support for backwards compatibility is in place and existing simulations should be unaffected
  • Improved support in PostPDS for loading extremely large files

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed an issue pertaining to constant time cable hysteresis models
  • Significantly reduced the memory footprint of simulations that contain spatially varying current profiles
  • Addressed several issues pertaining to ‘Auto-resolve’ functionality that was not meeting expectations
  • Added error-checking when exporting videos with extremely low frame rates


April 8, 2016 (v2.25.0)


  • Implemented a new, simpler licensing mechanism for the entire suite of ProteusDS utilities. All licenses are now installed via the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox and stored in a single location, as defined by the operating system. The default location is ‘C:\ProgramData\Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd\ProteusDS\License’
  • Implemented wave current interaction. ProteusDS generates waves at request wave period as always but now accounts for the current when computing the wave number. This change means that simulations with both waves and current will produce different results than with previous versions of ProteusDS.
  • Functionality has been added to the ProteusDS API to dynamically connect/disconnect cables.
  • Added initial capability for large resolution screenshots in PostPDS. This functionality will be expanded in the future to support even higher resolutions.


  • Revisited simulation initialization routines that should result in dramatically improved loading times in the ProteusDS solver.
  • The RigidBodyABAConnections.dat file (generated when two or more RigidBodies are connected via an ABA connection) has been modified to provide the joint reaction loads rather than the ABA articulated forces and bias forces.

Resolved Issues

  • Resolved an issue in PostPDS that could cause an error on reloading of a simulation if the ‘Environment’ node were un-selected and only one of ‘Water’ or ‘Sea Floor’ nodes were selected.
  • Resolved an issue in PostPDS that could arise if invalid XML characters are manually inserted into library files.
  • Resolved an issue with the ‘Auto-Connect’ cables wizard not consistently accepting the selected ExtMass feature name.
  • Resolved an issue with the visualization of a project not correctly updating if an ABA connect was deleted.
  • Resolved an issue where some UI elements were erroneously available while a simulation was in-progress.


December 18, 2015 (v2.20.0)


  • Added a new wind-generated current model.
  • Added the ability to import Features from previous simulations into the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Added additional visualization options to the pre-visualizer in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Added the ability to perform rotations on DObjects in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox.
  • Added support for spherical, universal, and helical ABA connections in the ProteusDS Simulation toolbox.


  • Modified the cable remeshing functionality in the ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox to allow users to specify custom element lengths.
  • Changed the default generation method for wave segments to improve energy realization in the sea state. Note that this change will result in a slightly different sea state being generated than in previous versions. If the identical sea state must be used, please refer to the $WaveType functionality to import an existing ‘WaveParameters.dat’ file.

Resolved Issues

  • Addressed an issue involving the $TRamp property.
  • Addressed an issue in the in PostPDS that artificially capped the maximum number of wave segments to 99% of the wave segments present in the simulation.

Oct 29, 2015 (v2.19.2)

  • Documentation change: angular joint properties are used for helical joints.
  • Added file output for internal reaction lods for SCable and Cable, printing out to reactionLoads.dat. Gives axial, bending and torsional reaction loads at the boundaries.
  • Extended wave spectrum file output to include directional spreading information.
  • Bug fix for Extmasses on SCable with payin/payout
  • DNet panel solidity will now be overridden if limit is violated to avoid numerical ill conditioning.
  • Drag loading is split into hydro and wind drag loading in the dragLoading.dat file for mesh based hydrodynamic features.
  • Changed the documentation for the cable’s tangential drag coefficient parameter “CDt”. CDt is actually based on cable diameter (FluidDiameter) and not the cable circumference.
  • Enhancements to ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox visualization functionality and support for SCables
  • Added missing options to ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox menu

Sept 8, 2015 (v2.19.0)

  • Added asymmetric drag functionality to RigidBody features.
  • Added an update notification system to the Simulation Toolbox to alert users to a new release. While this feature cannot be deactivated, users can elect to ignore new versions.

Aug 17, 2015 (v2.18.0)

  • Improved pre-visualizer, with ability to scale axes and initial support for Cable selection
  • Renamed ‘Initial Condition’ to ‘State’ through documentation and UI to make way for improved handling of initial conditions, restarted simulations, etc.
  • Refactored user experience in PST via updated iconography
  • Revised PST layout, new DObject shortcuts
  • Added description of DObject/Feature/Connections to respective creation dialogues
  • Added Node 0 and Node N velocity plotting capabilities in PostPDS to facilitate single leg mooring steady state analysis
  • Revised ExtMassCylinder rendering location/orientation
  • Improvements to PostPDS touch-screen interface
  • Enhancements to ‘presentationSettings.dat’ functionality
  • Added on-the-fly cable disconnection for PDS API
  • Added option for accounting of the cable radius with the simple cable soil contact model.
  • Corrections to cable connection — pinned connection is forced when P1/P2 are not specified.
  • Added rotational stiffness to force connection
  • Added descriptions to PST for DObjects, connections, and features.
  • Added descriptions to PST for DObject state vectors.
  • Added two new WaypointModes to Waypoint Feature: Smooth velocity transitions via cosine function, velocity waypoints
  • Added RigidBody Thruster feature.
  • Fixed the time varying current profile — it is no longer reliant on the TRamp system for changing currents.
  • Added ballast tank feature
  • Changed the default CDt on rigid body hydrodynamics features from 0.01 to 0.0
  • Improvements to cable hydrodynamics loading model
  • SCable Extmass bug fix
  • Added submergence probe for cables.
  • Consolidated variable drag and buoyancy functionality under VBuoy flag for PointMasses, ExtMasses, and Cable models.
  • Added preliminary support to PST for pre-visualizing ExtMasses on Net DObjects

May 8, 2015 (v2.15.3 r2)

  • Improved performance of ProteusDS Queueing Manager on very large simulation sets in exchange of update interval (updates now occur approximately once every five seconds instead of several times per second).
  • Addressed potential sources of error in reaction load reporting.
  • Additional information is now written regarding extMass and extMassCylinder.
  • Addressed a potential source of error when a RigidBody is operating in ABA mode and the CGPosition is non-zero.

March 18, 2015 (v2.15.3)

  • Added multiple wave object support (for multiple-spectra modeling)
  • Added custom spectrum support
  • Added ability to load custom wave segments via input file
  • Added ability to load custom wave spectra via input file
  • Added wave heading spread parameter
  • Improvements to geometry warning messages
  • Added depth transition capability for Buoyancy/FK loading computation for custom and parametric meshes. (uses volume for buoyancy after a certain depth).
  • Added Wind-driven currents
  • Added kinematic control of joint via the API
  • Added relative velocity probes
  • Improvements to foil feature error checking
  • New output file management system
  • Minor file output format changes
  • Added ABA joint force output file
  • Transitioned network communication functionality to a new core library component in preparation for a new, lighter-weight PQM to be released at a later time
  • PostPDS: Added support for the DObject type ‘SCable’
  • PostPDS: Integrated touchscreen support
  • PostPDS: Added support for $WaveFeature and the revised format of ‘Wave_Parameters.dat’
  • PostPDS: Added ‘Use Multithreading Wave Rendering’ as an option that is remembered between sessions
  • PostPDS: Addressed an error that was occurring when restricting the maximum number of wave segments that should be displayed at any given time (and was preventing users from specifying this value in the ‘Edit Water’ dialog)
  • ProteusDS Queueing Manager: Add functionality to the ProteusDS Configuration Utility to reduce the communications interval between ProteusDS and PQM thereby enhancing performance when running a very larger number of sims concurrently (>60)
  • PST: Added support in IC generator and pre-visualization for new DObject type ‘SCable’
  • PST: Addressed an issue with ‘auto-resolve followers’ not performing as intended in very specific scenarios
  • PST: Added prompt to open copy in new instance of PST to ‘Save Project Copy As’ button
  • PST: Addressed an issue with ‘Goto Project Folder’ being disabled in some situations
  • PST: Changed the default selected node to always be ‘Environment’ when opening a project (previous state was somewhat random)

December 18, 2014 (v2.12.2)

  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Addressed a communication issue with the ProteusDS solver on some language settings.
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Adjusted the formatting of the simulation status display while a simulation is running.

December 16, 2014 (v2.12.1)

  • Added Pointmass to Pointmass connections
  • Added Pointmass feature to define common Pointmass DObject properties
  • Added Stoke 5th order wave support
  • Added TurbineFeature mode 3: Prescribed TSR
  • Added file output for the relative axial fluid velocity seen at the hub of a TurbineFeature
  • Added Environment class output file (waveSpectrum.dat) describing the theoreticaly wave spectrum using during a PDS run.
  • ABA joints can now be kinematically controlled by TurbineFeature (RPM/TSR control).
  • Extended functionality of ProteusDS API to enable increased interaction with cable, environment and rigidbody DObjects
  • Updated API to enable direct kinematic control of boundary nodes of a cable.
  • Reconfigured boundary control flags for cable to be kinematic mode similar to RigidBody.
  • Update to facilitate changing reference speed and heading of RigidBodys using RAO features.
  • Added ability to output sea height information via API.
  • Improvements to sea state transitioning code.
  • Fix: Frequency spectrum limits are now updated with peak period is changed.
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Addressed an issue in DObject duplication that could occur in some situations
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Addressed warning-reporting issues with very quickly running simulations
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Removed the ability to view the Console log for a given ProteusDS simulation run. To view log manually, navigate to results folder and open ‘console.txt’
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Added support for type-2 point mass definitions
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Refined order for simulation status displays while a simulation is running
  • PostPDS: Added the ability to toggle between regular display mode and a full-screen 3D window. To activate full-screen, press CTRL+F9; to leave full-screen, press ESCAPE
  • PostPDS: Added support for type-2 point mass definitions

November 10, 2014 (v2.9.5)

  • Addressed a potential licensing error on 2013->2015 upgrades
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Addressed a situation where the user could edit initial files for a simulation that has already been run

October 29, 2014 (v2.9.4)

  • First BETA release of ProteusDS 2015

October 15, 2014 (v.2.9.1)

  • Preliminary BETA release of ProteusDS 2015
  • Added 2.5D and 3D spatially/temporally varying currents
  • Added constant tension winch
  • Added control modes and power takeoff for turbine feature
  • Added support for blending the thrust load between the relative fluid flow direction and the rotor’s axial direction for turbine feature
  • Added DCableDCableEndConnection to allow users ability to connect one end of a cable to another
  • Added file output and adjusted sliding/VRoller connection for improved pipelay analysis
  • Improvements to RAODatabase class
  • ProteusDS Simulation Toolbox: Added pre-visualization capability

ProteusDS 2013 Change Log