Where and when did ProteusDS start?
Who makes ProteusDS?
Can I get a perpetual license of ProteusDS?
How many computers can I install my license of ProteusDS on?
Can I purchase a subscription for more than one year (e.g. 5 years) to avoid the purchasing and approval headaches?
Who typically uses ProteusDS?
What skills and background are required to be able to successfully use the software?
What is dynamic analysis?
How has ProteusDS been validated?
Can I link ProteusDS with another application? Do you have an API or SDK?
What kind of computer hardware is required to run ProteusDS? Do I need a multi-processor computer? (etc.)
How are nets modeled?
How are lines and cables modeled?
How are buoys modeled?
How are vessels and platforms modeled?
Does ProteusDS support NEMOH/WAMIT files as input?
Does ProteusDS read AutoDesk Inventor drawings ?
Does ProteusDS support a networked license?
Does ProteusDS support a floating network license?
Do you issue dongles for licensing ProteusDS?
Do you provide academic licenses for educational or research use?
What is CFD?
Is ProteusDS a CFD application? How is it different?
Spoiler title
How is the type of simulation completed with ShipMo3D different than CFD?
Is ShipMo3D a CFD application?
For small rigid bodies floating in sea waves, added mass in surge, sway and heave is a function of how much fluid the objects displace. If an object (a buoy) has motion relative to the free surface, added mass will vary as function of time. Does PreteusDS take this effect into consideration?