ShipMo3D technical data sheet
ShipMo3D is a software application used to model the interactions of ships and other large structures with waves and the marine environment.

ShipMo3D can be used to perform time and frequency domain simulations of freely maneuvering ships in multiple sea states. It contains an array of features and models to enable analysis, design and system optimization.

ShipMo3D may be used to construct hull geometry using hull lines, mesh or panel the hull for numerical solution, solve radiation/diffraction potential flow problems, model the effect of appendages (such as bilge keels, propellers, etc.), and simulate the structure’s overall response in either the frequency or time domains. ShipMo3D features an easy to use advanced graphical user interface that enables a streamlined workflow.

ShipMo3D Meshed Frigate Hull

ShipMo3D Meshed Frigate Hull

DSA has developed a data export tool for ShipMo3D that allows for the export of hydrodynamic parameters developed in ShipMo3D (frequency dependent added mass and damping values, frequency dependent incident wave loads, hydrostatic stiffness) to a database which can be used in conjunction with ProteusDS to simulate large floating or submerged structures as a part of complex moored systems.

For more information about purchasing a ShipMo3D software license please contact DSA at

Shipmo3D is produced by DSA under license with permission of Defence R&D Canada, an Agency of the Canadian Department of National Defence.

The ShipMo3D version 3 manual and auxiliary documentation can be downloaded by selecting the links below. Additional resources and documentation (validation cases, etc.) are available upon request.

ShipMo3D Version 3 User Manual (Ship Motions)

ShipMo3D Version 3 Manual (Ship Models)

ShipMo3D Core Documentation

ShipMo3D Tutorials

Appendage and Viscous Forces for Ship
Motions in Waves